Windshield Replacement Snellville GA

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Windshield Replacement Snellville GA Wisefly Auto Glass

I need windshield replacement Snellville GA

So, your windshield is cracked?

You find yourself needing a windshield replacement Snellville GA? You go to search online and all these results come up. They are all the same except the price right? No way, farthest notion from the truth. It is important to realize there are many differences between shops. Why does this matter to you? Your windshield is not only 40-60% of the strength of your vehicle, it is also part of the passenger restraint system, equal to the safety belts and airbags. If your windshield is not installed by a technician that has been trained properly, using the proper quality materials, in an accident, the windshield may not be able to remain attached to your vehicle throughout the duration of the accident. The passenger side airbag has enough power to blow out an improperly installed windshield. When this happens, the A-pillar posts lose half of their structural support and the passenger side airbag shoot straight into the air. If the vehicle starts to roll over, the A-pillars collapse and the roof caves into the vehicle crushing the people inside. All of this could have been prevented if the windshield had been replaced by a shop that cares more about it’s customers and prolonging the integrity of the auto glass repair and replacement industry, than about making more of a profit.  The auto glass repair and replacement industry is self regulated. There are no government regulations, any certifications or organizational involvement as well as continuing education is done by shops that choose to do so.

Wisefly Auto Glass Windshield Replacement Snellville GA

Wisefly Auto Glass proudly providing windshield replacement Snellville GA

Shopping for Windshield Replacement Snellville GA

When searching for a windshield replacement Snellville GA make sure to ask questions. It is your safety at stake. Ask about certifications, if they say they are certified, ask if they would show you their card or certificate of certification. Ask about the adhesive systems that their shop uses and ask exactly what urethane they will using for your windshield replacement Snellville GA, Wisefly Auto Glass uses ONLY Dow Express urethane system, with a one hour SDAT (safe drive away time) no matter the temperature or humidity. For more examples of questions, as well as further information, feel free to visit The Auto Glass Safety Council (who we are a proud member of) consumer website at

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