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372633a6-smush-profile_JRM Jason R. Martin

| The CEO |
Jason has been an auto glass technician for over 20 years.  He has been certified several times, and is always active in continuing industry education and study. Always willing to help out a fellow glass technician, even when it is a direct competitor. His mentality is that if he can help one person learn how to install a proper windshield that otherwise wouldn’t have, is a huge win.

In his “other life”, he is a PRCA, Bareback Bronc Rider, competing mostly on the weekends.



372633a6-smush-profile_MMMelissa Martin

| Operations |
“I am not satisfied with learning about something, just because someone tells me that’s the way it is…”, Melissa says, “when I am involved in any position within any industry, it is necessary for me to learn and know everything about what I am doing. I don’t accept the terms “good enough” or “that is the way it has always been done”. I need to know how, when, where, why & what! If there is another way to do it, and the end product results in higher quality…you can bet, I will find out!”

Melissa has been trained in every facet of the industry, included being certified as a technician and installing.


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Wisefly Auto Glass is passionate about quality. We think it’s pretty normal, but have been told by many that we are obsessive and perfectionists. We feel that we are the average, the way things should be at any shop. Unfortunately, it is the polar opposite of the truth. Instead of finding out the hard way, save your time & money by connecting with us first. We believe that long term relationships save you money. When talking about a vehicle, which, is usually the 2nd most costly investment of our lives, doesn’t it make sense to have the best, most attentive and professional service provider from the start?

What We Care About

Quality Products
Value Added Services
Jobs Done Right
Doing What We Say

Did you know…

…how important your windshield is in regard to your family’s safety? Not many people do. Your windshield is now considered a part of your vehicles passenger restraining system, as much as your seat belts and airbags. Your windshield is designed to provide 40% – 60% of your vehicle’s structural support. In a rollover accident the windshield must remain attached to the vehicle in order to prevent the roof from caving into the cabin onto passengers. The passenger side airbag has enough power to knock out an improperly installed windshield, thus leaving the airbags worthless as well. This means your vehicle can be as safe as your last windshield replacement. In some unfortunate cases this can mean serious injury and even death. But this worst case scenario doesn’t have to be a part of your future. Be aware of these facts when shopping for a windshield.

Improper installation can range from under qualified or uncaring “installers” to using poor quality materials, especially urethane & primers.

Is the safety of you and your family worth taking a chance for a few 20 dollar bills? We hope not. Ask questions of the glass shops, don’t just call for a quote when shopping for a windshield, safety and quality are the first to be cut when shops show a drastic price difference. Although there are no federal or state regulations in our industry, we feel that continued education is key. We are certified & Auto Glass Safety Council registered. We are committed to following the strict guidelines and standards set forth by ANSI/AGRSS. For further information on these standards, please visit: www.safewindshields.com. Be educated when it comes to your family’s safety. WE ARE.

We keep customers for life.

Wisefly Auto Glass is a customer’s best asset in every step of the auto glass repair and replacement process…from the first phone call, to getting their vehicle back on the road, with peace of mind, knowing they have a safe and properly installed windshield.

Through conveyance of information & statistical data, fair and competitive pricing, superior products, trained/certified technicians, above average customer service…we will be your auto glass service provider for life!

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