Windshield Replacement

An inferior installation or poor quality products used, can result in the air bag deployment detaching the windshield from your vehicle, thus robbing your car of support strength of 40-60%…if a roll over accident ensues, the A-pillar posts can collapse causing roof crush. Please don’t risk using below average shops, even for the lure of saving money. It isn’t worth your safety.

Windshield Repair

We will perform professional windshield chip repairs, up to the size of a quarter. We will not do repairs that are located in the drivers line of sight. The standard industry warranty is applied to all repairs. Although rare, this is a broken piece of glass and can spread before the repair can be executed.

Door Glass Replacement

Our professionals do not rush through your door glass replacement, like so many of our competitors do. Instead, we take our time, taking care not to break clips and lose original screws. We replace door glass with the intention of resetting it to the factory standard it was prior to needing replaced.

Window Regulators & Motors

For a fraction of what the dealer or mechanic will charge, Wisefly Auto Glass will come to you and repair or replace your window regulator and/or motor.

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What Can We Do For You?

We run Wisefly Auto Glass as a family operation. We consider our customers part of that family. Let us know what you need, we will do the very best by you to make it happen!


  • Windshield Repair

    When your windshield is damaged by a flying rock or other piece of small debris from the road, we may be able to perform a chip repair. This is guaranteed to never spread and costs a fraction of a replacement.

    • Damage is larger than the size of a quarter.​
    • The impact point interferes with the driver’s direct line of vision.
    • There are 3 or more chips per windshield.
    • The impact point extends deeper than the top layer of glass.
    • The inside layer of glass is chipped or cracked.
    • The point of impact is too damaged.
      *If any of the above are true, it is likely that you are in need of a windshield replacement. Please call for more information, as well as a free quote.
  • Back Glass

    • Sliders (pick-up trucks) (power or manual)
    • Slider Factory Tint
    • Fixed, Stationary
    • Moveable
    • Heated, Factory Tint Color
    • ​Tempered or Laminated
  • Window Regulators & Motors

    • Window Regulators and/or Motors replaced (power or manual)

    After you notice your door window is not operating properly, call us as soon as possible to prevent damage to additional parts, such as motor and door glass.

    When the regulator starts to fail, in most cases, the cable will become bound around inside the motor, which, if you continue to “make it work” can burn out the motor, which, wouldn’t have needed replacing otherwise. Another example is continuing the use and the regulator cable snapping quickly resulting in the door glass falling into the door, sometimes, causing the glass to break.

  • Windshield Replacement

    With the windshield being 40-60% of the structural integrity of the vehicle, as well as part of the passenger restraint system, the most important of all services you will need within the Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Industry, is by far the windshield replacement.There are so many variables that can be looked at to define an improperly installed windshield, with only one way to define it right. Consumers usually have no idea what the proper steps & procedures are that ensure the windshield is installed properly. Usually a consumer calls around asking for price quotes, without knowing about what they are actually shopping for. In some cases, as far as products go, such as shopping for a pair of running shoes, price comparison shopping is an excellent way to ensure you won’t find you were overcharged. However, within a service industry, such as this, price comparison can be very risky. With cheaper and cheaper glass products being available and the better quality windshield brands becoming less available, this is a perfect opportunity for shops that aren’t concerned with the quality of their work to underbid a shop that is only concerned with the quality of work they leave behind…I mean, if the customer can’t tell the difference anyway…then why should the shop spend extra money on higher rated and better quality products? Because, they trust the shop to make the best decisions that have the customer’s best interest in mind. Isn’t it worth your piece of mind, knowing that the shop you pick is going to have your families safety in mind, every moment of the time they are working on your vehicle’s windshield replacement? To realize more safety information please visit:

  • Door Glass Window Replacement

    • front left (driver side, front row)
    • front right (passenger side, front row)
    • rear left (driver side, rear row)
    • rear right (passenger side, rear row)

    Common options may include: whether or not your window is laminated and or factory tinting on rear row or behind.

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